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Show us your desk...

Nov 16, 2006
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Sheffield, UK
Your Mac's Specs
MacBook 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo
OK, I've seen this on a few other forums and couldn't find an existing thread on here...

So: Show us your desk!

Here's mine (rubbish photo... point and shoot as the batteries in my proper camera were empty).


What can you see?

Macbook Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz
Apple USB Keyboard
Wacom Intuos3 A5 Wide with Gripper Pen
Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse
Samsung Synchmaster 226BW 22" TFT
Cheap USB2 Hub
Freecom 120gb External Hard Drive
Cheap Clock/Thermometer
JBL Monitor 4208 Speakers
Nokia N73
Team Losi Mini LST Truck
Ikea Mikael Desk (in Beech) with Glass Top

To the left is a BiOrb Aquarium, to the right is some Canvas Art that my friend painted for me (and some HiFi stuff :) )

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