sharing wifi to time capsule

Nov 16, 2011
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ok so here is what im trying to do... at my place the only internet provider i can get is time warner had problems with their service lately so i decided to cancel my service... currently im using the internet out my htc g1 android. the wifi hotspot of it is a adhoc type, and my sony bravia tv and roku box does not support ad hoc... i have a mac pro, macbook pro, sony vaio and a hp laptop that can all connect to the wireless out of my g1. so i've been trying to share the wifi connecting on my mac pro sharing thru ethernet 1 to the time capsule connect on the wan port and have another network to be able to connect my tv and roku box.... i've done the sharing internet connecting from airport to ethernet 1, the time capsule has a steady green light and indicates i have internet connection...i can connect with any device to the network but i dont get any internet thru it... i have played a bit with the ip and as well as with the bridge/ share ip/ distribute ips ... have notice that on my mac pro the ethernet that im sharing the internet to the time capsule stays yellow and i have tried to mess with the number there too but never changes from yellow...
time capsule on the latest firmware 7.6 my mac pro is running 10.6.7
any suggestions??
diagram so it be easier to understand... g1 hotspot adhoc > mac pro with internet sharing > tc thru ethernet 1 to wan port > tc wireless network
thanks a lot...

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