sharing photos on iphoto 5

Mar 19, 2007
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we have iphoto 5 on our g4 server and iphoto 6 on a laptop we use in the office (this is on the network). We have setup iphoto on the g4 as the server and we are trying to contact the laptop iphoto to the g4 iphoto. We have the iphoto on a separate drive.
We hold the option key down whilst iphoto on the laptop is loading up to choose a new library path. We are getting an error on the laptop saying "Caution the iphoto libraary folder is locked, on a locked disk..." the Ignore Ownership On This Volume option is turned on.

does anyone know what the problem could be?

are there any incompatibility issues between iphoto 5 and 6??

also i have read that only one user can access the library at a a time- is this correct? or is there a way around this?


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