Sharing Lacie NAS over Airport from BT2Wire Homehub

Apr 11, 2007
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iMac 20
I have a Lacie NAS (GigE attached) which I use for backing up my iMac20 with SuperDuper. At the moment the NAS sits in the house close to the ADSL router via a short run of 10bT. The ADSL router is a BT 2Wire Homehub (BT2700HGV).

I would like to place the NAS in my garden studio which is reachable by Wireless.

I am thinking that the Airport Extreme is what I need here....if I buy an Airport Extreme and place it in my garden studio can I then repeat the wireless network in the studio to my NAS and attach the NAS via 10bT to the Airport and end up with logically the same set up as I have right now ?

Any known issues using the Airport with the BT2Wire ?

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