sharing internet via airport for xbox 360,

Oct 28, 2009
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hey guys!
i got myself and xbox 360 for christmas and now i wanted to hook it up to the internet for multiplayer etc and i just cant seem to figure it out.
i live in a students dorm and they only supply us with internet via ethernet. usually id just hook my xbox 360 up whenever i wanted to play but unfortunately you need to identify via ssh to get connected. since the xbox doesnt support this feature i got an " xbox 360 wireless lan network adapter" to just share the connection via airport. since this works great for my ipod touch i figured it would work for my xbox just as well. problem being: i was wrong.

so i found the network on my xbox and put in the wep key ect. but the xbox cant figure out which ip, subnet mask, gateway, dns etc to use. so what i did was just put in the information that was on my ipod touch but it didnt work (changed the last digit of the ip adress by 1 of course).
so i googled for that and apparentely there are millions of tutorials on how to share a wireless connection through ethernet but there are none to do it the other way around.

i dont know wether this is the right place to ask but since i actually want to know something about how the sharing on mac works and not about the xbox, i thought you guys might know something.

well anyway, if you guys could give me a hand here, i would really appreciate it.


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