Sharing computers on network not always working

Nov 14, 2010
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Orange County, NY
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iMac-21.5"(2017):OS Catalina 10.15.2 IOS13.3 iPhone 8+ iPadpro v2
I move files from my iMac to my wife's MBPro via sharing via Finder>Go>Connect to server. Usually this happens with no problem, but lately I have been seeing multiple copies of my wife's laptop showing under Shared items in the Finder's Favorite column. Her computer's name is Bpro and I will see Bpro (2), Bpro (3), Bpro (4), Bpro (5), and Bpro (8) as I did today. Today I tried to connect through the Go>Connect to Server and I got the message that I was trying to connect to Bpro (5) but there was an error. I was able to connect through Bpro (8) through the finder's favorites. Why would I get so many Bpro computers listed? And how do I remove them?

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