Setting up iTunes

Dec 12, 2009
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I am setting up iTunes on my partner's PC (importing his mp3 collection, etc.) and have a question. In order for iTunes to download album artwork, you have to be logged into the iTunes store. He doesn't have an account yet, as we have never even plugged his iPod into the PC. Question is this: If I logged into the iTunes store using my account to process the album art, will this cause a problem when we do plug in his iPod and go to sync his library after creating a store account for him? I want to make sure I don't mess anything up. I never used iTunes until about a week ago as I had always used a Zune before I bought myself an iPod to go along with my new iMac. As always, you help will be appreciated.

And on the same note, is there a way to have iTunes just use the artwork that is in the individual album folders on the hard drive already without having to manually go through each album and set it?


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