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Setting Up a Large Scale/Complex Video Conference

Mar 20, 2005
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Michigan, USA
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1.67 Ghz 17" PB w/1 GB Ram; 400 MHz PM G4, 366Mhz iBook Firewire, Nano 4GB Black
I participate in ModelUN conferences, where different schools send teams to major events, usually held at colleges, and each student represents a country and debates topics. For the purpose of fun, and practice, another school I've worked with a lot in the past and I are interested in setting up some mock-conferences. Unfortunately, we're 2.5 hours away. We thought it would be fun to set up some sort of a video conference, but the logistics might be complicated. I'm not sure exactly what's needed, and am hoping all of you can help. For the purpose of this discussion, let's assume that only two schools are participating, but allow for the possibility of a third school.

A "chair," otherwise known as the "Dias," runs the conference. He calls on different delegates who raise a placard with their country's name on it. At other times, debate follows a specified "speakers list" which is a list of countries who speak in order. So...

Both schools need to be able to see the "Chair." The chair needs to be able to see all of the delegates at once from both schools (lets say 20 people each). The chair, and opposing school also needs to be able to clearly see whoever is speaking. Both schools also need to be able to see the "speaker's list."

We also need to be able to send files back and forth during this whole thing. (MS Word Documents)

How many cameras? What software is needed? (is iChat robust enough?) Audio clarity? Minimum internet connection needed? Any other thoughts, ideas, things that would help make all of this smoother to set up?

Both Mac, and PC solutions would be highly appreciated.

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