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Selling my computer, part out or sell as whole?

Apr 11, 2010
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If I am going to make the switch to an iMac, I need funds. I had planned on selling my current desktop for quite some time, and I'm stuck on whether I should sell the parts individually, or sell it as a whole unit. Either way, I'm hoping to get around $1,200 USD in all.

The specs are as follows:
GTX 285 1GB
AMD Phenom II X4 940
Gigabyte GA-M790X-UD4P
Thermaltake V1
4x2GB DDR2 800
2xWD Caviar Green 750GB
Lite-on DVD burner (SATA)
Crosair 850W PSU
Antec 1200
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
Logitech Wireless Keyboard
Logitech G500
24.6" Hanns. G Monitor

It's a homebuilt rig, relatively modern and very little wear on the case, none on the monitor. Any suggestions? Thanks!

(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, still trying to get the ropes O:) )
Jan 27, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
17 inch 2 GHz C2D imac (5,1) with 3GB DDR2 RAM, X1600 (128MB memory) GPU - OSX 10.6.3
Look up ebay for what the average price of computers roughly the same as yours are.
Then look up ebay for what the price of the individual parts are going for. Then add up all the going prices of all the bits. And then you'll know which option is better for you.

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