Selling my 16GB iPod Touch on eBay...any warnings/tips for me?

Dec 13, 2009
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I have a 16 GB black iPod touch I'm going to list on eBay. It comes in its original box, along with a brand new set of headphones, a complimentary case, and the instruction books, two computer decals, etc. It does not have a USB cable included. So my question - are there any precautions I should be aware of when selling an iPod on eBay? Anything to make sure and include in the set, or anything to make sure and do before I sell it? Any tips and opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Jun 2, 2008
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Ignore anyone who contacts you directly about purchasing your product during the auction. That happened to me and I was suspicious. So I contacted eBay and it was a scammer. So be alert about that. Even if they make a good offer, ignore.

Also, when the auction is ended and you are notified of the winning bidder, accept the payment and be prepared to ship out the product ASAP. Not only will that make the buyer much happier and get you positive rep, it will make the process much smoother. Be friendly and answer any questions honestly from bidders/the winning bidder.

That should get you going about safety/etiquette. Very important on eBay. Good luck and have fun! That's what I like about auctions on eBay. Especially if they were popular items, the ending seconds of the auction is usually very intense, trying to outbid the other bidders.

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