seeking photo app with voiceover for iPad2

Jun 24, 2009
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Is there a photo app for iPad that will allow me to connect or link a short voice recording to each photo? I recently moved my elderly parents to FL, and upon clearing out their old house I found a hundred or more very old photos. I want to scan them into an iPad photo album, ship it to my parents, and then let them comment on each photo sequentially, and maybe reminisce. Neither of my parents use computers, and don't want to learn, so I am looking for something like "voice memos" on the iPhone, ported to the iPad, but running in background while the photos appear on screen. Ideally I'd have one voice recording for each photo.
Does anyone know if such an app exists? I've seen an app "Voice memos for iPad" that suggests it can multi-task. Does anyone have any experience with it and photos? Thx.

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