Seagate Backup Hardrive problem!

Mar 29, 2015
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I owned an HP laptop before. I had bought a Seagate Backup Plus Drive to transfer all my videos and images etc into that from my computer. Now i own a MacBook Pro. I just connected the backup drive to my mac and I see that i can't edit it, i can't make a new folder! Pls help! Im not even good with technology all that well so i would love it if you could explain in simple language hehe. Thanks!


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Nov 15, 2009
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North Louisiana, USA
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The drive is probably formatted NTSF since it was used on a PC. You can't create new folders because the Mac cannot natively write to NTSF drives without a hack or third party software. It can read things/copy from the drive As I see it you have three options:

1. If you will be using the drive only with Macs copy everything important to another drive and use your Mac to format the drive as HFS+ Extended Journaled. The PC won't be able to use it without third-party software.
2. Copy data from this drive and reformat it as FAT32. Both machines will read and write to the drive but no single file can be larger than 4 GB.
3. Get a third-party driver that let's the Mac read and write to the drive. I recommend Paragon NTFS for Mac® - First NTFS driver for OS X Yosemite - Overview

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