Scripting/iTunes question

Mar 12, 2007
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Alright guys, question.

I have a central file server with all my music on it. It runs iTunes with sharing turned on so I an access the music from my desktop or my laptop. (Since iTunes does NOT seem to deal with a shared remote drive well at ALL.)

Also using SizzlingKeys on my MacBook to control iTunes playback.

Here is the issue. Hitting my play keystroke after the MacBook has woken up from sleep doesn't unpause play. When the Mac sleeps iTunes looses its selection of the shared library/playlist.

There has to be a way to script the dern thing when the computer wakes up to run iTunes and if the specific shared library is present select it, and if that succeeds select a playlist. That way I can just hit my "play" key combo and the darn thing will play. ;) Does NOT seem like it should be that difficult and yet...

Any ideas?

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