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Mar 12, 2007
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I wonder if you could help me. I currently run Tiger and back my work up on a regular basis -just copy all the relevant files onto my external LaCie drive. This process I do every so often and wondered if there was anyway of automating it. I looked at using Automator but the workflow I wrote just kept creating files in files. Basically this is what I want the process to do:

Create a new folder on my Lacie hard drive within the folder iMac BackUp. I would ideally like the folder named with the current date such as BackUp MMYY.

Next I’d like to copy certain folder from my home directory into the new back up folder. Such folder’s I need copying are my music and pictures but would only want a few folders from documents copied.

I’d also like to create a folder called extras in the BackUp MMYY folder and copy over the mail and address book info from the library and also my templates from MS Office.

Any ideas about how to do this? I am quite computer literate and would not mind tweaking a script if it can do this?

Any help is most appreciated,

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