ScreenFlow - Lost media? Can I find it somewhere in my computer?

May 18, 2013
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I'm using ScreenFlow to get some gaming footage on my Mac. I just finished recording a segment, and hit "Stop Record" on the toolbar helper. In the dialog popup, I opted to save it to an existing opened recording by clicking "Add to Document", and selected an existing file that was open, because I wanted to add to it. A little moment afterward, my battery died (stupid me), and I tried to get back to the video after waking the the Mac. The original file was still available, but the media I had just added was nowhere to be seen. I guess the autosave didn't catch it in time or something.

Any idea where it could be elsewhere on the computer (in Macintosh HD, perhaps)? I can tell the data still exists because my computer memory still has that big chunk taken out of it for the video--I just don't know where it is now. A similar situation happened before, and after rebooting, I saw the data completely wipe from the memory. I don't want that to happen; trying to see if I can get it back before I ever decide to reboot and lose it forever.

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