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When i open my iBook it makes a sort of cracking sound. Its not really cracking its just a sound that you get when something is really tight with something else and you try and move it and it makes that creaking noise. I'm wondering if i could put oil or something so that it will move smoothly again. (i thought oil maybe wouldn't be a good idea) Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have any ideas on what i could do to make it move more smoothly?


I know this probably will not help, but that does not sound healthy. My iBook is stiff, but no sound is made when I open or close it. DO NOT USE OIL, Im sure if that gets anywhere near your electrical parts, your laptop will be buggered. Is it new because you could take it back and see what the manufactures say? but to be honest I dont think it should be dangerous due to the fact it may just be the plastic rubbing, thus give it time and it may just go away. However if this persists then take the laptop back is my only suggestion.

I hope this helps...

MAC RULE!!!! :p


no, dont put oil, the sound will wear away, all the ibooks at school use to do that now they dont, just give it some time
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Im of a different mind actually.. I had my hinge bust on me.. and it cost a good $500 to have it reparied by someone else and $200 if you do it yourself.. and it's not a simple task to do.. believe me!

If I was in your shoes I would be very careful and oil the ONE hinge.. not both of them.. that way it loosens it up a bit while leaving the other one as stiff as they should be.. although that does put pressure on the good hinge..

I guess the best bet would be to go down to your local Apple store and see what they think.



i know exactly what you're talking about, my ibook makes the same noise on occasion. yea, its a weird sound, but it comes and goes from what i know of it on my ibook. mine is 3 years old now, so its had time to "wear in" so to speak... i dont hear it much anymore, but once in a while it still happens.

i wouldnt look into oiling it or anything... not because of the electrical parts, but just because your bound to gum it up using a conventional oil... when the hinge was made, i doubt apple wanted it to be oiled, so it is probably all internal bearings and stuff.

if it only happens with the model we have (mine is an iBook 600.. the 2nd edition of the white ibooks i believe)... be careful more about your latch than your hinge. my latch on mine broke on the inside, and no longer closes completely :(


The site looks good and its only 10$ so I might give it a try. The sound only happens when I open my iBook not when I close it.

What are you saying about the latch?? My latch seems to be fine. I sometimes doesn't hook right away when i push it down but i just have to press it firmly and it latches fine. Most of the time it closes fine though.

thx for all your help ppls!!!

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