Saving messages from expired POP accounts in Mac Mail - advice please!

Jan 16, 2009
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Mac user for 15 years, but trying to consolidate the mess of Mail...

On the left sidebar, under the “MAILBOXES” section I have the following tabs:
Each of these contains a subfolder for each of my POP3 accounts.

Then, under the “ON MY MAC” section, I have a few folders, each corresponding to a different email account, and containing subfolders mirroring the folder structure of the online mail account. Most of these are old expired Yahoo accounts, which I think I imported into Mail way back when.

I understand that MAILBOXES is for those connected to my online POP accounts and ON MY MAC is for old messages only stored locally.

So my questions:

1. Quite a few of my old POP accounts are no longer used. They exist in the MAILBOXES section but not the ON MY MAC section. I want to ensure the messages are safely stored locally, and then remove the accounts from my MAILBOXES section. So I think I just need to move/copy the accounts from MAILBOXES to ON MY MAC.

I can create an ON MY MAC entry for those accounts (New Mailbox --> location On My Mac), but when I manually drag messages from the MAILBOXES section into it, they all get lumped together in a single folder.
a) how do I create the Inbox/Sent/etc. subfolders within it?
b) by dragging messages from MAILBOXES to ON MY MAC am I actually moving their location on my computer, or just designating them within Mail as "safe/offline"?

2. A couple of the expired accounts already appear in ON MY MAC, a relic from when I tried to organize my mail folder during a new Mac setup about 10 years ago, and was dragging and dropping folders in my Finder (!). Should I simply drag and drop messages from MAILBOXES to these ON MY MAC folders to sort out these accounts?

Thanks in advance for any advice, or link to such basic information!

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