Sampson CO1U and MacBook


Aug 13, 2008
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Hi all,

I have a black MacBook and am attempting to use a Sampson CO1U to record voice. I think I lost the Sampson software disc that came w/the mic, but I read that it doesn't work on Macs anyway. The most I've been able to get just plugging the mic in & using the 'podcast' option in GarageBand is an almost an inaudible voice signal that I can't seem to increase to a workable level. I've read that the CO1U is not really compatible w/Macs and Leopard. Any ideas, or should I just eBay the **** mic?


ps I'm able to get a nearly workable signal w/it using Sound Forge or something on my G4 desktop, but that still has problems getting proper gain and seems to have no real eq ability. Help!

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