Safari was totally hijacked on non jailbroken iPad mini

Sep 25, 2014
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The other night I had several Safari tabs open all were on a wiki page about a specific topic. I turn it off and go to sleep. The next day I wake up and beginning browsing in the 1st wiki tab. After some use, I notice that the other tab had navigated to another website all on its own. Even more jarring was the site was about a very specific problem I have in my life, making the context threatening.

This was not a problem I had googled for in at least 6 months, the site wasn't in my history or favs, the problem is not something that a pop up or malware would ever direct you to.

My conclusion is that the iPad Mini or Safari is a very insecure device and somehow hackers had personal info on me as well as being able to hijack control of my device.

Any help figuring out how this happened would be greatly appreciated. I've been told ridiculous things so far like I sat on the device and somehow magically typed in a very specific and long URL and then logged onto the site.

Here are a couple of people that have had the mini hijacked:

I wasn't just hijacked, but was threatened by the info which had somehow been collected on me

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