s/w dev education recommendation?



:) hello,
I've had my new G4 iBook since July17th and enjoy it so much, I would like to learn more about Unix,Darwin,Java, and any other s/w but MS stuff, ie MySQL, PHP, Perl, what I'm looking for is any school on-line or on campus in
the SW region of Washington state or NW region of Oregon, that offers an
AA , or BS, in computers. I've used pc's for almost 2 decades, don't want to waste my time learning any high level programming language that has to do with Microcost. I have very little programming experiance per say ( I've taken
beginning COBOL, BASIC, JCL, & ECL), and have worked in large WAN network
configuring, installing Cisco Routers, and other data comm and other pc and networking products. Although I'm 52, I don't mind the aspect of a large curve
of learning for several years, I just want to get started asap. So any online
or on campus college recomendations would be greatly appreciated and I'll say
thanks in advance and also thanks for this webbie for the help in steering me
towards Open-Source freedom from the evil Billiam. :p


zoso, i'm not sure about the schooling thing, but i would definitely get started here first: http://developer.apple.com/

if you go to college for a cs degree, they will teach you more of the computer theory than the actual programming aspect, and good luck finding a school that works with macs in the cs departmet.

hope that helps :)

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