Running Windows applications on CrossOver 24.0.1


Jun 12, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
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2021 M1 MacBook Pro 14" macOS 14.4.1, Mid 2010MacBook 13" iPhone 13 Pro max, iPad 6, Apple Watch SE.
For some time I have envied many of my gaming peers for the sheer volume of games available on Windows that are not available on macOS. I have looked at emulators, especially Apple's dive into the field but there have been no immediate solutions presented.

I have looked long and hard at BootCamp and Parallels but the sheer size plus affording Windows OS which also takes up storage. But recently I became more interested in CrossOver (CodeWeavers), no requirement for Windows OS and a relatively small application in itself, just 1.04GB.
There is a 14 day no obligation fully functional trial offered so I took it.

Now, I'll keep this brief, 3 years ago I tried Borderlands 3 on Epic Games Launcher. It's a brilliant game but huge, nearly 140GB and expensive at the time. I had a hankering to play it again but had deleted it due to limited storage. Upon downloading it again from Epic I had all sorts of problems related to Epic's Cloud backups of my previous instance of the game, long story short it was unplayable and zero support from Epic. So, I had given up, until 2 weeks ago.

Steam now had the Windows version of the game at 1/3 of the original price on special. Originally they didn't have it at all.

So, I downloaded Crossover and the Windows version of Steam then purchased Borderlands 3 (PC) which was not just cheaper but smaller too, only 94GB.

The good news is that despite a lot of complaints on various forums about Steam not operating well o at all on CrossOver never mind Windows games, it works perfectly for me. Yes, Steam takes about 30 secs to load on launch but after that everything is smooth sailing.

The M1 Pro CPU and 16GB of unified memory in my 14" MBP plus 150GB of storage free seems to be a part of my success but bottom line is I have a smoother version of the game that the first instance on Epic.

I look forward to trying other Windows apps but for now a whole new world of games has opened up thanks to CodeWeaver's CrossOver. Emulators have definitely gotten better and Macs have gotten better at running them, things have come a long way since "Wine" back in the 90's.

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