Running EverQuest through an alias with Wine

Nov 6, 2011
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Hello Everyone, I'm new here and am here for the purpose of rectifying a problem I've been having playing on an Everquest Mod Server (project 1999). It's perfectly legal and you have to own a copy of the game, just to get that out of the way.

I don't have windows bootcamped on my mac because the version of OS X I have (10.7) only allows you to bootcamp windows 7 (as far as I know). I have windows XP but am relatively SOL as far as I know on that. So, to run windows games I use WineBottler and Wine to open .exe files and run them in the background.

My Wine works fine, I play on a WoW private server in my free time but am now trying to play Project 1999 as well. My problem lies in that I cannot modify the target of an alias I have created. In order to launch the EverQuest Private server you have to add the words "patchme" to the end of the original file path. On Windows you simply open up a shortcut and modify the "target" to have "patchme" after the quotations. If anyone could please direct me in the right direction to rectify this, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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