Running a Dual HDD setup upgrade in OSX Lion

Oct 10, 2011
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Hi Folks,

I recently decided to make the switch from a single Platter-based HDD in my 2010 MBP to a Dual SSD & Platter Based System. The issue I face is that the SSD is only 120GB Samsung and the Platter disc is a 500GB 7200RPM MomentusXT (with the 4GB SSD feature), and I put all of my Apps & System Files on the SSD and kept my other files (media, documents, pics, etc.) on the MomentusXT. So that means that a fair number of folders normally in my local User folder, are on the secondary HDD.

My question boils down to this: Is there an easy way to default my settings to all of those folders? Or do I have to (as I've done as a temp fix) remove the folders for the current user profile from my finder sidebar and replace them with the folders from the secondary platter drive? Also is there a way to get the icon delineation's back? Since Lion's release the icons in the sidebar, that aren't in your resident user folder, have defaulted to basic folder icons, and that makes it a bit confusing. I've seen the "add color back in" hack for the icons, but will it take the same amount of .plist/code modding to change the icons again?

Is there anything else I should be worried about now that I'm running 2 mismatched size HDD's in a MBP as well? I think I've covered all the bases for it, but outside of switching the default locations, I can't seem to think of anything else.

Any help would be great!


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