Runaway ocspd daemon.

Dec 8, 2009
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I would blame this on Yosemite, but I had the same problem a while back on Mountain Lion. I am on a satellite isp and have a finite amount of bandwidth for the month. Since I usually only surf and seldom download, this isn't a problem. But I carefully monitor the usage just in case.

After getting two new Macs a week ago, I see my non-surfing usage going up at about a half gig a day. (And 3 gig in one night). I have started turning of WiFi when I don't use the machines to keep from going over the limit. Now, on the weekend I had time to look at the problem.

It is the ocspd process starting up and running full bandwidth for as long as a half hour at a time and at 12 to 16 mb it doesn't take long for the numbers to add up. Again, there was a bug in OS X a while back that did this, but it got fixed. Another one? The same one recompiled again by mistake?

Two ways to fix the problem. Refuse all traffic by ocspd with a blocker, or turn off certificate checking in the Keychain. I know that refusing to check certificates is a bad deal in this day and age, but so is not being able to use your internet for half a month because you are over quota.

Apple has no answer, except that I might have gotten a corrupted Yosemite when I loaded it. (My reply to him - Hey, Apple. YOU loaded both machines and delivered them to me as ready to use!) Lots of google hits for the problem, but all fixes are as above.

FYI for limited bandwidth folks.

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