Roughter/modem freeze

Apr 10, 2010
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Hello all

*im new here please be nice*

I have my home network set up consisting

Belkin wireless modem/rougher

13" white macbook
13" mbp
15" mbp
apple airport express
adsl 2+, netspace

I get random freezes, im talking really random...

I have managed to find a pattern to the random however, its usually when im hammering the internet.

using transmission (torrent downloads) plus 2 users on the net at the same time. when using transmission its guaranteed to freeze more frequently. but this can be when not using it also just not as frequently.

just before a phone call comes in
once or twice a week for no apparent reason.

any helpful ideas ?

i can provide further info as requested i has no idea what i has done wrong :p


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