Rosetta behaving badly?

Feb 13, 2005
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New Orleans, LA, USA
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Okay, so maybe this is more of an OS X type of thing but since it's happening on a Macbook and this forum gets more traffic than the Mac OS X forum I thought I'd post it here.

I (like most people who have Macs) tend to keep my machine up whenever possible, sleeping it when I take it to work/home rather than shutting it down. Now, Macs are designed to do this and for most part it isn't a problem.

Occasionally, however, one of the handful of PPC apps I need to use from time to time (Photoshop CS, this special CD printing app from Epson that maddeningly isn't Universal yet, Palm Hotsync manager too...update your Mac apps!) will refuse to launch. It gets one bounce on the dock then, nothing. Any other PPC app I try to launch at this point refuses to run.

I have found that if I quit some other random Universal app that I'm running, Rosetta starts 'working' again. I never know which app to quit, just that after quitting one the PPC app will launch. Sometimes it's Safari, other times Terminal, the last time it was iTunes. Sometimes I'll already have a PPC app up and running (like Photoshop) but other PPC apps will not launch and I'll have to quit another app to get it working again.

Anyone else experience this kind of behavior? At least I don't have to log out or restart, but it is kind of annoying, especially since there are still a few apps which I need to use quite alot whose publishers don't feel the need to bother with releasing a Universal version. It's not like these new Intel Macs are flying off the shelves or anything. ;P

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