Rio-Carbon (circa 2004) and itunes 7.

Jan 17, 2007
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Okay, here is the jiff. I use and still use an mp3 player called the rio carbon. However, since itunes 6, itunes has been unable to register the mp3 player. The mp3 player looks like this

but the company has declared it no longer has support for its mp3's nor will it in the future create more. Anythow, they haave a driver for itunes 4.2 that worked for me until I had upadated to itunes 6 some times ago. The driver is here.
Anyhow, I was wondering if there was any way I could get itunes to recognize it again. If not, manually transferring the music would work, but its just not the same. Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help. :D

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