Restore iTunes from Time Machine

Dec 8, 2013
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Thanks, in advance, for any help.

I keep my iTunes/iTunes Music folder on an external HD.

I want to restore a previous version from Time Machine but the error message is that there isn't enough room on the external drive to do the restore.

I could trash some music in order to make room on the external drive but that seems a bit scary. Does it sound as dangerous to you as it does to me?

An alternative could be to get a new larger external drive.
But, is it possible to do a restore from Time Machine to a new empty external HD?

I'd prefer not to buy a new drive so if Option 1 (trash some content and restore from Time Machine) is safe, that would be great.

Option 2 - can a restore from Time Machine be executed to a new external HD?

If both are possible, which is preferable?
What say ye enlightened folks?

- ed

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