Restore it from original configuration

May 16, 2007
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I'm setting up a bunch of mac laptops to be loaned out to our staff on their business trips. Is there a utility I can use to restore to the original configuration once they've returned the mac books. Basically wipe out any data that they might have save and/or remove any personalization they might have applied to the generic account that I have created.

On my Win laptops, I use a product called CleanSlate to restore the system to it's original configuration. Is there a similar product I can use for the Mac's?



Welcome to Mac-forums, nseawater.

I don't know of any app that would do that (doesn't mean there isn't one, mind you!) but you could copy a fresh install of the OS the way you want it to be, on an external HD, then use Disk Utility on it to wipe the laptops' drives and then copy over the fresh new OS.

Maybe someone else has a better idea though.

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