resizing stock image for large scale poster

Jun 2, 2012
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Hi All, I was wondering what is the best option for using a stock image for a large scale (24 x 36") poster. I want to resize the stock image to bleed, and I want it to be large so it kind of fills up 3/8 or half the real estate. I'm going to try profile and landscape for the poster. But I just wanted to get some advice on the best way to go about resizing the stock image and still keeping the photo as crisp and un-pixelated as possible. Anyone have any tricks of the trade? I did see this by Kelby Rule-Breaking Resizing for Poster-Sized Prints | Resized: Resizing and Cropping Your Images in Photoshop CS3 | Peachpit ... can't go wrong with him but I wanted to get advice from somebody who's done it, printed it and had success. Thanks

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