[REQUEST] Creator / Type codes



I'm a Linux guy who's burning a CD for my cousin who has a Powerbook G4 that runs OS X. The CD creation utility that I use can optionally apply creator and type codes to the files on the CD, so I figured it would be nice for me to set up the CD so that the files are opened with appropriate applications when viewed from a Mac.

With that said, here are the file extensions I'd like to get mapped on to creator/type codes, and I'd appreciate the help of the mac people in this matter.

.gif -- open with Preview
.jpg -- open with Preview
.wmv -- open with Windows Media Player 9 for OS X
.avi -- open with MPlayer OS X
.ma -- open with Maya 5
.zip -- Stuffit Expander
.mov -- Quicktime Player
.html -- open with Safari
.js -- open with BBEdit

Thanks in advance for your help. Peace.

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