Replacing screen on 12.1" g4 powerbook



kingoat said:
I have a 12.1" 867 g4 powerbook with a cracked LCD. I removed the LCD and now use my 19" crt monitor, so my powerbook is now a desktop.

The part number for the LCD I took out was LP121X04(C2) - and this is only available by contract through phillips, or for $1200 through apple. These are available elseware but for more money then I want to spend.

I want to upgrade the screen on this onto something bigger somehow. I want to put an LCD that's a 15 incher in there or something (of course i'll need a special case specifically for my powerbook because it will be even more fragile that way)

There are lots of cheap LCD screens on ebay that are for other computers (like thinkpads and whatnot) that seem like they would work - expcept the plugs don't really match. Are there any ways to convert the video signal into something else that will work?

How can I go about finding which LCD panels are compatible with what?

Right now there is no screen in my powerbook, but I really would want something in there.

Has anyone had any success in getting thier 12" g4 screen replaced with something else?



not sure if you ran into this but

Hi John,

I have a cracked and broken screen on an old powerbook
(G3 series) and recently found another which has a dead
mainboard, so I am hoping to take the screen off this one
and use it on the first. I am not sure how to unattach it,
is it fairly straight forward, or will bits ping out all
over the place !?!

thank you,

John's Response...

The screens are easily swapped in 5 minutes. Make sure to remove all sources of power prior to beginning work. Don't attempt anything unless you're comfortable in doing so.

1) Lift keyboard.
2) Remove tunnel cover.
3) Disconnect video and inverter cables.
4) Remove 4 screws inside I/O panel door.
5) Remove screen.

But not all screens will work on all units. It is safe to swap same size/style between units. Just because a connector fits, doesn't mean it will work.


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