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Jan 31, 2007
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I have a MBP 15" 2005 model. The last year its been having some issues and I finally got around to bringing it in the other week. My applecare had just run out but they said they'd give me one last free repair. The replaced the DVD drive (which was broken) and the hard drive (which I felt was dying). One thing I mentioned was a clicking noise which I thought may be the hard drive. Turns out it has to be the left fan. In addition to that the computer still sometimes starts to 'run' even when I only have itunes or email open and won't stop til I put it to sleep.

Should I call apple and try to get them to take it back again since they never corrected one of the problems I mentioned?

Or I'm thinking it might be easier to just bring it some place else.

If I bring it to a private computer store that specializes in Mac's...will it cost less to fix it there then give it to apple? I hate sending it in and being without it for a week and thought maybe a private place will charge less.

Any thoughts?


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Jan 23, 2008
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Take it back to the Apple store where you had the repairs done and explain that it had not been repaired as you directed when you brought it in. Speak to the store manager if necessary.

Having your MBP repaired somewhere else is going to be expensive. And you don't want to trust your machine to just any repair shop. You're better off dealing with Apple or an authorized Apple service repair center either in person or on line.


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