rendezvous and airport USB printing



I have an iMac G4 1GHz (17" flat screen) running 10.3.3 and an iBook G4 800MHz running 10.3.2. I have just got and installed an Airport Extreme Base Station and a HP Deskjet 5150 printer. I set up the AEBS using the iMac and plugged the printer into the AEBS USB port.

Internet sharing works fine, even with the Windows XP laptop I have had imposed upon me by my school (I teach).

When I try to print from the iBook I select Rendezvous printers and the Deskjet shows up, but when I select it I get the 'Creating Printer' message and then an error message saying there was a communication difficulty. To print from the iBook I have to select the Deskjet from the Shared printers list, but that is only available when the iMac has Airport switched on. Even then, a good many print jobs freeze and I have to go to the iMac to 'unfreeze' them.

Any ideas?

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