Removing second number for apple account/imessage/facetime

Mar 9, 2012
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Late 2013 iMac, 3.5GHz Quad i7, 24GB RAM, GTX 780m, 10.8.5, iPhone6
hey guys, i own many iPhone and and iPod touches etc etc. my main phone is the iPhone 6 and i was using o2 as a carrier, i whited to EE as its cheaper and was a better deal, i got the sim only deal and i got a new number which i have been using happily, set up iMessage and FaceTime etc etc, yesterday i brought a 32gb iPhone 4 from an old friend to use in my car as an iPod as none of mine have enough space for ALL my music, he wiped it and i had to activate it, it was on o2 so i inserted my old o2 sim card and activated it, not a problem, synced my iTunes with it.

How ever now my iMessage and FaceTime have this number also linked with the accounts so i have one email (my apple id) my EE number (the one I'm using) and my old 02 number all linked with the account, i am aware i can uptick the old number so its not used my iMessage or FaceTime but is there a way to remove the o2 number and unlink it with my apple id?

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