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Remote Applescript



Is there a way to run applescripts on a remote computer?

I was thinking of using telnet or something, but i can't say i'm all too familiar with it.

My issue is that I do event imaging and show pictures on site. Currently i'm using 6 macs for viewing (3 tray loading imacs, 3 sawtooth g4's), which involves nothing more than transferring pictures across the network to the right computer, walking over to the computer, and loading the pictures into TEPS-X (event imaging program), starting a slideshow, and walking away.

What I'd like to try and do is write a script to launch the app, another to load the pictures from a specific folder and start the slideshow, and a third to stop the show and unload the pictures. Then if I were to execute them over the network I could be nice an lazy and just sit in my chair all day :)