Remote App problems

Apr 12, 2008
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Anyone having issues with this app?
My set up is that I listen to my iTunes library on my 2007 iMac through my Hi Fi via airport express.
Just recently the app is behaving oddly.
First, the express isn't found on my home network.
Second. When I get it to work, (by resetting the express) the app shows the time progression on my iPhone, but rarely gets past 4 minutes on a typical recording which lasts over 3 hours (recorded radio broadcast). The sound plays fine, it's just that the time played never shows more than than 4 minutes. Only if I move the time scale on manually does it behave normally.
This is quite difficult to explain. I hope it makes sense.
This app has worked faultlessly for a couple of years, so I don't understand why this occurs. I do update the app as and when the app store says it has an update to install.
I am quite disappointed that this part of my Mac setup is not working.
Any ideas folks?

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