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Refurbs at Apple Store: Unfulfilled Orders?



I ordered a refurb 1 G eMac/256k/60G/56k/AP from Apple Store on 4-May and still have not received the computer (over 30 days). I called the Apple Store after 3 weeks and they offered to give me a break on shipping if I ordered a different computer (like a more expensive new 1.25G eMac) or on the computer I originally ordered if, and when, it "ever" becomes available. I called again this morning after seeing more 1 G eMacs offered for sale at refurb. section of Apple Store (not exactly the same as one I ordered), but once again was told that my options were to cancel original order and reorder another refurb. or new machine or wait an unknown amount of time.

Did anyone else have a similar experience ordering a refurb. from Apple Store? I feel like they're pulling a bait and switch at worse and at best accepting orders for product they don't have. Yeah, I know the disclaimer on the Apple Store "specials" page notes that supplies are limited, but is it too much to expect that the company will stop accepting orders when they run out of inventory? Isn't there a law against accepting orders for product you do not have or at least a requirement for the company to fufill the order? Telling me I am free to cancel the order is not good enough.

P.S. I'm a loyal Apple user since 1983 because they "mostly" make great products. Once again, however, the "company" is exhibiting less than great customer service.

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