Redeploy system after patching as new?

Aug 11, 2008
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Hey folks!

I'm new to the apple universe, being a recent convert from PCs to Macs, now that they're intel based. I'm a pretty big tech, familiar with Solaris, Linux, BSDs, so I'm quite at home with OSX.

I'm going to be trading hardware with a friend of mine, between a 17" and a 15" Macbook Pro. I just recently purchased a 24" iMac and used the migration assistant for the first time. It was FANTASTIC to move data, apps & settings, and I'd like to do this when I do the laptop migration, for my buddy, too.

Sure, that's strait forward, but here's the catch. After I format my 17" notebook, I'd like to update the OS, set it up for bootcamp, etc. Can I do this all, and somehow get it to act like a new machine he's powering up for the first time to do this sync?

I know in the windows world, they would have a way to 'reset' the OS so that they could login, patch it, and kick it back out so that the new user would be greeted with the "Hello new user" walk through to configure it's registration for them.

Thoughts? The whole point of this is he's going to be visiting me for the weekend (from Texas to Connecticut) and I'd rather not spend our time hanging out patching & installing a windows install when we could be visiting other friends in the area. Basically, just to do the work ahead of time.

Dave aka Ghan

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