RealPlayer Problem

Mar 11, 2004
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I'm getting an "Unsupported format" QuickTime popup when clicking on the RealPlayer link from this site,

which is National Public Radio.

It's a .smi file, which I have checked to play in RealPlayer's Real One preferences file.

I trashed all my RealPlayer and QuickTime preferences and restarted the machine, then had to run through RealPlayer's setup drill, but the "Unsupported format" popup still comes up. It's weird because the file that loads onto the desktop has RealPlayer's icon.

To hear the shows, I have to open the downloaded RealPlayer icon with BBEdit, copy the streams' URLs and paste them into the Open URL strip in RealPlayer.

This happened overnight. The same error occurs when I restart and boot into OS 9, which led me to believe it's NPR's fault. But a friend tested the link on his Mac running Jaguar, and RealPlayer started as it should.

Anyone have any ideas? Did Panther's update screw things up? (I've run the permissions fixes and all the crons.)

Edit: Sorry. I posted this in the wrong forum.

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