RealPlayer Not Playing Radio Stations



On my G4 1Ghz iBook, I can't listen to online radio using either RealPlayer 10 (OSX 10.3.4), or RealPlayer 8 (Classic, OS 9.2). On my PowerMac 7300/500, I can listen to some radio stations with no problems using RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, and other players. I am aware that some websites require that you actually pay first, before you listen. I am not talking about those websites, but rather the free radio stations that do work (on my PM 7300).

I am able to listen to a few online radio stations using BBC, and several other online players on the iBook. Have found only one online radio station I can listen to with Windows Media Player (same problem happens when clicking on Windows Media Player radio stations as with RealPlayer).

Could this problem be caused by my D-Links Router? I was reading on RealPlayer's website that firewalls can cause problems trying to listen to RealPlayer. I called D-Links, and they told me that in order to enter the numbers to open the ports, they need to know which ports need to be opened behind the router, whatever that means. I can't find any support on the RealPlayer website, so I'm hoping that somebody may have some expert advice to make my RealPlayer and Windows Media Player work properly.

I am able to download and listen to some RealPlayer files on the iBook, using either RealPlayer 10, or 8. However, when I use RealPlayer 10, all my settings in RealPlayer 8 have to be reset. So I've been dragging the RealPlayer files I have already archived to the RealPlayer 8 window, then they play. But I still have not been able to find even one, not even one, online radio station that I can listen to using either version of RealPlayer, on the iBook.

Any suggestions welcomed!! Thanks.

-- vjamacaddict
G4 1Ghz iBook, OSX 10.3.4, 768MB RAM, superdrive/bluetooth

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