Read/Write permissions - I Tunes




I have stacks of mp3 tracks burnt on CD's that i am dragging into my i tunes folder and this little problem is driving me nuts!

Ok, my mp3's are organized like this example:

Itunes music/full albums/artist/album/tracks

If i drag a folder from a mp3 CD to the iTunes library it imports them ok but i cannot edit the ID3 tags because the copied folder is set to READ ONLY. I guess this is because the CD it can from is obviously 'read only'.

Now, in windows (spit ) you set the parent folder permissions to READ/WRITE all the sub folders and files also adopted the same permissions but not so in panther. I am having to set all the track permissions AND its album folder permissions AND the artist folder permissions before itune will let me edit the ID3 tag.

Hope this makes sense to you all so far!

Why can't i just cmd+I on the main iTunes folder and choose 'read/write' so it sets all sub folders and files to the same?



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