Raiding issues

Mar 6, 2010
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North Carolina
Your Mac's Specs
MacPro 8 Core 4 1 TB HDs 14 gigs of RAM , Macbook Pro 500 gig HD and 4 gigs of RAM, Mac mini server
I hope this is the right place to post this cant find anyting in the search

Ok so i have a mac pro 8 core late 2009
with 1 300 gb vilocaraptor drive and 2 1tb WD Cav Black drives and 2 1tb cav green drives

im wanting the WD Raptor drive to be the boot drive and hold all the apps and os but over the other drives raided and to hold all the files and what not what is the best way to do this or a better way to do what im wanting to do i need preformance thats y i want the striped raid going

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