RAID 1 on Powerbook

Mar 5, 2010
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I am having trouble with replacing a RAID on a Powerbook running OS 10.3.9 using Disk Utility to set up RAID 1 (Mirror) in two Acomdata hard drive enclosures (FIrewire 400). Disk Utility keeps reporting RAID "degraded." Bought two new Western Digital 1 TB SATA blue HDs to replace Seagate drives that were in enclosures.

Now the new drives are not recognized by the Powerbook when hooked together. If I connect only one drive, I can see it and format it. Same with other drive. When I hook them up together to set up RAID, Disk Utility freezes and won't see either drive. Requests to Western Digital ended with "contact your computer manufacter." RAID worked with Seagate drives (somewhat), so I can't see why it shouldn't work now. Also I hooked up the two drives to the MacBook Pro running OS 10.4.9 with same results.

One, does anyone know why the two drives cannot be seen together to set up RAID?

Second, should I give up on RAID on a Powerbook using Disk Utility? I read where there are better solutions, but that requires hardware RAIDS (more expensive) or upgrading (which I don't won't to do on this laptop because of older software still in use). I also have two other Acomdata enclosures also with 1 TB hard drives using Firewire 800, and Disk Utility reports that RAID is also degraded. Beginning to wonder if it is because of Disk Utility.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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