Radio streaming, help!

Apr 27, 2007
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Hi everyone

I bought my first mac two weeks ago, I love it, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to listen to my 3 favourite radio stations. I used to listen to them on my pc all the time while I was working. However, I can't listen to two of them on my mac (the third uses windows media player streaming so I downloaded the encessary application to listen to it).

Still, the other two won't play and I don't which application, if any, do I have to download and isntall to be able to listen to them. First I thought it was a real audio thing so I downloaded real player, it still doesn't work, when accessing the radio stream it will open real player and say real player is searching for the necessary plug in to play it and then it will say the plugin is not available or doesn't exist. Cna nyone please help? there is nothing on the two radio websites that explains how to listen to it on a Mac!

Here are the links to the streaming I want to hear:

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