Quirky Behavior of Apple Remote Desktop

Sep 16, 2011
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I use ARD 3.5.1 on Mac 10.7.2.

I am trying to push a file to numerous clients on our network and have notice the following

Less than 100 computers

- no errors, mostly Success

Between 100 to 200 computers

- roughly half are successes, the other half are communication errors. When I exit ARD and try to push the file to those same computers that show communication errors, then it is mostly Success

More than 300 computers

- will get pop-up that ARD has unexpected critical error and I should exit.

I tried using ARD to push this file to clients on our network, using different Apple machines, and it's the same results.

Is this behavior normal for Apple Remote Desktop?

Why can't I push a 800KB file to 1,000 clients at one time?

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