Quick firewall & Air Mouse question

May 18, 2009
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High Wycombe, Bucks
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Hey all,

a quick one that I hope you can help me with.

I have downloaded an application to my iPhone 3GS called 'Air Mouse', which allows me to use the phone as a trackpad. I have installed the server software on my 13' Unibody Macbook (running Snow Leopard) and it works fine, as long as my Firewall is switched off. However, this isn't ideal...

I have looked into the Firewall settings and have managed to add 'Air Mouse' as an exception in the Firewall, but I had to untick 'Block all incoming connections' and use the 'Automatically allow signed software ro receive incoming connection' option, in order to add Air Mouse as an exception. My question is this...

By using the 'Automatically allow...' option, does this mean that only the items included in this list are allowed in by the Firewall? I guess what I'm saying is, that I would like to have the outright security of the 'Block incoming connections', but also allow Air Mouse to be an exception.

Apologies if this is not 100% clear, but when it comes to Firewalls, I'm in no way an expert! :)

Many thanks,
Feb 25, 2009
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Late 2013 rMBP, i7, 750m gpu, OSX versions 10.9.3, 10.10
I honestly don't know how the automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connection option works, but here's some information about it that might clarify things for you:

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard FAQ

Also know there is a gui tool you can use to get more control over the firewall within osX:

WaterRoof ipfw firewall frontend

(they also have a link in there for noobproof - a simpler firewall configuration utility that is more controllable then OSX firewall gui interface, but less than waterroof.)

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