Questions -

Is it possible to edit the task-manager (sorry don't know proper name, just call it winblows name) I'd like to remove bluetooth from there as I don't use blue tooth?

To follow that one up is it possible to to add something to there? Say ITunes, I'd really like it up there and MSN if possible.

I have Konfabualtor so if I can do this widget wise that's cool, or without widgets perferbally!

Also is it possible to make Mac HD icons open up like a drop down menu, like click it and a list pop down like folders do in the dock. :)


If you mean what opens when you start up, yes. If you have 10.1 go into the Login preference pane and put in what you want and take out what you want. If you have Panther, you have to go into Accounts and set it up for your account. I don't know about Jaguar as I've never had that.

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