Questions: Wireless With PC & iBooks



Any advice for a wireless newbie?

I want to set up a wireless/wired network between my desktop PC and a couple of iBook G4s. I want to do this primarily to share my broadband internet service (cable).

I recently purchased two new iBook G4s. I am also keeping my desktop PC which is running Windows XP Home Edition. I realize I need to purchase Airport Extreme cards for the iBooks. Since I don't want to run the PC on a wireless connection, I need a router that will allow me to hard connect the PC and go wireless with the iBooks. (Right?) I also don't want to spend a lot of money.

I'm not sure whether the AirPort Extreme Base Station would allow me to connect the PC and go wireless with the iBooks, but even it it does, that's still more than I want to spend. (Of course, the guys at the Apple Store say the AirPort station will be the best for me because its built to work with Macs.)

I was looking at something like this .

Am I on the right track? If not, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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