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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi guys,

I'm moving from Leopard to Snow Leopard. I plan on reformatting my internal HD to create three bootable partitions:

1) Home Computer (surfing the net, emails etc)
2) Audio Computer (for Pro Tools, Logic etc)
3) Bootcamp for booting as a PC.

So, as long as I use my SL disc to access utilities and re-partition (having backed up all my data 1st!!!) as GUID/Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for each of the partitions I should be fine?

I'm assuming there are no issues to having two bootable Snow Leopard partitions on one HD?

Also, is there any advantage to choosing any of the other erase options (i.e. Zero Out Data, 7 pass erase or 35-pass erase)? Would these options allow my Snow leopard installs to be less fragmented on the drive? My thinking if I choose the 'don't erase data' option then my new SL installs will have to fragment themselves on the disc (I assume...).

I'm running a 13-inch white Macbook.


May 19, 2009
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Waiting for a mate . . .
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Answer to the 1st is no. I have a little 80GB partition as a SD bootable clone, primarily just in case my HD fails, and the other whats left on my external as a SD complete system backup. This is bootable as well.

2nd You can go and zero out the HD but even with the single pass zero out it was gong to take something like 18 hrs to do on my 1tb.
Times the by 7 and 35, you could have a couple of birthdays in that time.
Unless you have some secret squirrel stuff on there, i wouldnt bother with it.
I suggest just doing a erase and run the erase again. This seemed to work ok with me.

Hope you get something out of this :)


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